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Is TMS right for you?

We can help you understand the benefits of TMS treatment for Depression

Our mission is to provide exceptional patient care and experience

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Texas TMS Center is currently underway with ​the process of establishing its physical ​location. We expect to be operating by ​December 1, 2024. We take your Mental Healt​h seriousl​y

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We work with our patients to understand the nature of their Depression, there mental health history to determine the best path forward .

Holistic approach

We believe that for TMS to work most effectively, patients should also engage in psychotherapy that is evidence based, along with other life style changes.

Insurance accepted

We are currently working on getting paneled to accept health insurance.

Meet the TMS Team

Medical Director-Psychiatrist

Texas-TMS Center is currently looking to fill the role of Medical Director-Psychiatrist. Interested candidates can email support@texastms.com to inquire and instructions on applying.

Psychotherapy Director

Jagdeep Chadha, LPC serves as our Psychotherapy Director

Business Director

Texas-TMS Center is currently looking to fill the role of Business Director

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Address- 2929 Allen Parkway, Suite 200 Houston, TX 77019